Lorenza Marrujo, a small woman who was in her senior years and just around 5 feet tall, looked to be a susceptible prey to an invader who was targeting a senior citizen complex.

However, Lorenzo, who has more than 20 years of martial arts training, was no match for the invader.

In California, Lorenza confronted the man who was breaking into her apartment there.

Lorenza stated that she shouted back off as he was going toward her.

After giving Lorenza one more glance, the intruder exited her flat, but she didn’t have to wait long until she heard cries. Sadly, the burglar then went for Elizabeth McCray, her 81-year-old neighbor and buddy.

He shook her until she collapsed to the ground, however Lorenza was not about to allow him to injure her pal and intervened after calling the cops.

Having trained in martial arts for 26 years, Lorenza has a black belt.

Lorenza was advised by Elizabeth to exercise caution since “he’s going to murder them.”

Lorenza said, Not tonight. She wedged herself between Elizabeth and him, Lorenza remarked. She leaped on him and started pounding him while holding the cane to his throat.

As she turned his arm around as his arm rose, he said, ‘You’re hurting me, you’re hurting me!’ She responded that he has no right to attack an elderly person. She does not care what occurs to him.

Until the cops came, Lorenza was able to hold the invader down on the ground.

Elizabeth was brought to the hospital and later released. The accused was detained.

Although Lorenza was battling off invaders and the cops warned individuals not to do the same, who knows what might have happened to Elizabeth if she hadn’t?

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