Connie Talbot was only 6 years old when she took the world by storm after appearing on Britain’s Got Talent.

With her unique voice, she even caused the otherwise tough judge Simon Cowell to crumble.

More than a decade after her debut, she was back on the show where it all began. And both Simon and the audience could hardly believe it was the same little girl.

When Connie Talbot appeared in the first ever season of “Britain’s Got Talent”, she was only six years old with her front two teeth missing.

She reached the final and performed ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’ to a crowd stunned into silence by her unbelievable singing talent.

Her performance resulted in a standing ovation as judge Amanda Holden wiped the tears from her eyes.

Simon told the sweet 6-year-old how proud he was of her and said not only was she a great singer, but she had guts.

“When you can create this incredible silence when you sing it’s because everyone’s listening to every word,” he added.

Twelve years later, Connie had the chance to return to where it all started for her and she did not disappoint.

Connie performed her own song “Never give up on us”. Both the audience and the jury were left open-mouthed at Connie’s incredible transformation.

Watch her performance in the clip below.

Wow! What an incredible performer; she really does have the voice of an angel!

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