Our dogs are technically adopted by us yet some dogs refuse to accept that truth.

Hearing that harsh reality just seems to hit them hard and they would be struck with great disbelief.

Just look at this funny husky’s shocked reaction after being told he’s adopted.

Meet this one awesome and hilarious huskamute.

K’eyush, or simply Key, is a husky/malamute cross that has become quite popular on the internet.
He currently has 1.78 million subscribers on his YouTube channel featuring silly adventures of him and his owner Jodie Boo, a talented artist that custom paints cards, mugs, tote bags, and shirts.

Key has been Jodie’s sidekick for almost forever, and together they have developed a bond so strong that you would think that they are mother and son.

“You’re adopted!”

Clips of pets being told by their owners that they are adopted have revolved around the internet.
Each animal gives the most unique reaction upon hearing those words.

Some dogs let out a cry, and some just drop their jaws in disappointment.

While that is true, some animals just show that they do not care at all and disrespectfully leaves the spot to find another place to lay down.

Even though they do not understand these words, their reactions are just simply hilarious and entertaining.

Because of that, more pet owners try to do this to their pets and share their genuine reactions on the internet.

One day, Jodie decided to break the news to Key.

One fine afternoon, Key was just peacefully lying on his own comfortable bed when Jodie approached him.
Jodie calls Key’s name, and he gently responded with his husky voice.

When Key opened a conversation with the words, “I got some shocking news for you,” Key just looked at her with a face clearly painted with nervousness and anxiety, as if he knew that it is going to be bad news for him.

Key let go of the words, “You’re adopted” in front of Key, causing the husky to bolt upright, sounding a howl of shock and disbelief.

The husky refused to acknowledge those words and argued with his owner.

Key frantically howled at Jodie, as if he is refusing to take the harsh truth of him being adopted.

He continued to make rebellious noise, arguing with Jodie any chance he gets.

Finally, he calmed down and dropped on his bed, accepting the sad truth.

To make up for it, Jodie offered Key a DNA test that measures the different dog breed mixed in his blood.

Key just stared at the distance, still in disbelief with the initial news. At the end of the video, they both learned how much husky and malamute Key is.

This adorable huskamute just loves being dramatic.

Key’s dramatic reactions after being told that he’s adopted definitely sells.
He could probably work as a canine actor in Hollywood with his charm and acting skills.

Moreover, his very vocal interactions are just so hilarious that it almost seems like Key is actually speaking human words.

This must be why Key had so many fans all over the world waiting for new videos of him doing paw-some tricks, or just having an idle chat with Jodie.

This stubborn husky is surely lovable and he deserves the love and attention that he gets from the internet, and of course his loving owner, Jodie.

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