A 50-year-old unidentified lady was walking with her 15-year-old daughter in So Vincente, a beach town in Sao Paulo, Brazil. A phone robber on a bike approached the younger female. The housewife claimed that she had brought her daughter clothing shopping and that they had just completed reserving a cab using an app to drive them home when the joyful mother-daughter adventure went wrong.

When a mugger struck, her daughter was holding her phone to verify the driver’s information. However, as evidenced by CCTV cameras put on nearby businesses, the mother was not about to allow her daughter to become a victim of phone theft. However, the quick-thinking mom swiftly demonstrated to the bicycle-riding robber that he had chosen the incorrect pair.

According to the CCTV footage, the phone thief seized the schoolgirl’s cell phone while riding his bike past the adolescent and her mother before trying to flee. Instead of allowing him to flee, the heroic mother pursued him. Not ready to let him get away with it, the nameless mother swiftly transformed the only thing she had on hand into a weapon.

With the phone thief appeared to be successful in his escape, the heroic mother made a last-ditch attempt to stop him, tossing her rolled-up umbrella at the perpetrator with all her might as he attempted to depart with her daughter’s gadget. As shown in the video, things just got worse for the guy from there.

The mother threw the homemade rocket towards the man by pulling her right arm all the way back over her shoulder before letting go. Even though the umbrella flew past the thief, it impeded his getaway as his bike slid on the wet road and he lost control.

After being thrown to the ground in the middle of the busy street, one of the mugger’s legs became entangled in his fallen bike, allowing the two ladies time to catch up to him — and they didn’t display him any compassion, pounding him well-deservedly.

She was reacting intuitively. All she wanted to do was safeguard her daughter, the outraged mother explained. She was so upset to see her terrified expression that she didn’t consider the repercussions, she continued. She attempted to reclaim her phone, but everything occurred so quickly. The mom turned and went after him, throwing the umbrella to see if she could keep him from fleeing.

The courageous mother acknowledges that her bravery was motivated by rage. She was completely enraged and started punching him and screaming at him, ‘don’t you dare steal from my daughter,’ she explained. Then others joined in and beat him up as well.”

Within seconds of the couple coming up to the robber, they were joined by residents who had observed the event, raced to help detain the assailant, and punched him in the face with their fists. As the enraged mom proceeded to hit him with her blue umbrella, some kicked him and others pulled him by his sweatshirt.

The suspect tried to fight back and managed to escape, however he escaped empty-handed. Not only did the courageous mother rescue her 15-year-old daughter’s phone and her damaged umbrella, however the bad man was also compelled to abandon his bike, flip flops, and hoodie as he left.

After the robber reportedly dropped the stolen gadget as he lost control of his bike, the mom grabbed her umbrella while her daughter retrieved her phone. When she thinks back on the attack, the intended victim understands she got lucky in this circumstance. When one is upset, one’s instincts sometimes take over and one responds without thinking, she explained. Looking back, he may have changed the outcome if he had been armed.

He wasn’t, fortunately, yet she was, even if only with an umbrella. Perhaps, he learnt his lesson and led by example for those who might consider doing the same. Never underestimate a mother’s love for her kid while emotions are running high. The most hazardous place in the world, as the cliché goes, lies between a mom and her kid.

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