It’s no secret Candace Cameron Bure is a Christian. But as she shares her full testimony with brother Kirk Cameron, her faith journey may just shed this inspiring woman of God in a new light!

“As I got older and into my teenage years, I wasn’t walking with God. I wasn’t reading my Bible… I certainly didn’t really understand the Gospel message.”

Candace didn’t come to truly understand who God was until she had her daughter Natasha. That was when she began to question how she wanted to raise her kids to know about God. And this got her thinking about her own walk with God.

As a Christian, Candace Cameron Bure knew who Jesus was supposed to be. And she had read her Bible. But she thought as most parents do: “How do I teach my kids about God if I really don’t know about God?”

The Lord knew exactly what Candace needed. Something to stir and solidify her faith in someone she could trust. In the moments of searching and wondering how to teach her kids about Jesus and honestly to teach herself, her brother Kirk Cameron sent her the book, “Revival’s Golden Key,” by Ray Comfort.

Candace didn’t think she was a sinner because she had always obeyed all the rules her parents had given her. Even though she was the perfect daughter and perfect person–she came face to face with God’s laws versus humanity.

“Have I ever told a lie? Do I put God first in my life? Do I follow all of God’s commandments,” she stated. “But it wasn’t just about the law or God’s commandments.”

After reading the book, her brother suggested, it was then that she began to question what her relationship with God was like. It’s one thing to be a girl scout in the eyes of the world–it’s completely another to wonder if you hold up to God’s standards.

Candace realized no matter how good she was–she was a sinner. She could never match the perfection of Jesus Christ who had died for her when she came to a turning point, “That’s what Jesus came, to pay that penalty for me. Even though I’m not good by God’s standard, God is and he’s taken the punishment for me.”

That was when the light bulb went off in her head and her spirit. That was the moment when she realized how holy and awesome God is. It was the moment when she saw herself through Christs’ eyes. It was then that she knew she needed Jesus no matter what the world said. When she truly realized what Christ did for her on the cross, she said, “That changed everything for me.”

She added, “I believed I had been walking with God since I was 12 but I didn’t start walking with God until I was 22 or 23.”

How many of us think we are such good ‘Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts’ to think we don’t need Jesus until we come face to face with the mirror of Jesus? The mirror that shows Jesus’ sacrifice in spite of our little, itty bitty sins? The day I came face to face was the day of reckoning.

As a teenage mom who had married the father of my child, I thought I didn’t need saving. Sweet Lord, was I wrong! He saved me–just like he saved Candace. My husband and I have been married since my teenage years, almost 23 years now. Statistics say that we had less than a 1 percent chance. But like Cadance–God knew better.

Just like you, He knew the sins you would commit and he died on the cross for you anyway! How precious is that knowledge? It’s so precious that every time I hear Candace and Kirk talk about their upbringing, I thank the Lord for the trials I went through just so God could reveal just how his son saved me.

Isn’t that just like God? He’s a perfect gentleman–always knocking until we open the door. In spite of how good we try to be, he holds us in his arms, gripping so tightly as we ask for his forgiveness. And as we are held in his embrace, he says, “Child, I love you so.”

“Because you are precious in my eyes, and honored, and I love you,” Isaiah 43:4.

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