Even though he was only 10 years old, Troy was doing something that would help everyone on the bus. The CM2 student smelled something strange. A strange smell emanated from the person driving the bus.

He wasn’t the usual bus driver either. Instead, he worked as a substitute, usually in an adjacent area. Troy was curious and concerned about the smell and was even more skeptical when the driver started to swerve and speed down the road.

There was a moment when the driver braked causing some students to hit their heads in the next row of seats. Troy was convinced something was wrong when the driver missed a smooth turn and started speeding down a freeway.

He told his classmates that he would call 911. Several friends tried to persuade him to reconsider. They were afraid they would get in trouble for making the call, reports Good Day Sacramento.

Fortunately, Troy was one of eight children, according to Good Day Sacramento. He probably knew what it meant to take care of other children. At that moment, his instincts started asking for help.

He wouldn’t ignore his intuition this time. He bravely told his friends that he didn’t care about the possible repercussions because he was not doing “very well”.

The police finally arrived and realized that Troy had saved all the kids on the bus from potential disaster.

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