This cat has her own pack of dogs.

Rosie the cat loves to take walks with the dogs.

One can say that Rosie leads the pack because wherever she goes, the dogs come with her.

They also act as her protectors.

The three huskies, Lilo, Infinity, and Mika, have been following their cat sibling everywhere.

In fact, one husky rescued her.

Rosie was only a few days old when she was found and her rescuers didn’t think that she was going to make it.

The kitten was not drinking milk and was lethargic and weak.

Then, she was placed with Lilo.

As a last resort, the cat was placed in Lilo’s care since Lilo has been good with rescued kittens in the past

A bond between the cat and the dog made all the difference as Rosie slowly regained strength and with it, the motivation to live.

That’s when Rosie was able to drink milk.

Lilo acted like Rosie’s mama.

Lilo and Rosie have been inseparable ever since.

The cat is always following her dog siblings everywhere they go.

They eat together and hang out together. And Rosie loves to play with Lilo every time.

To be a “foster failure”

The fur parents were only supposed to foster Rosie and were actively seeking a forever home for her.

The rule is when they rescue cats and kittens, they are not allowed to keep them.

But because of Lilo and Rosie’s special bond, they decided to keep her permanently.Keep Watching

Rosie officially became family

She was introduced to her other siblings, Infinity, and Miko, who are both huskies too.

Rosie started going on many adventures with the pack.

The idea of putting her on a leash was brought up when she wanted to join in going for a walk with the dogs.

When the leash was put on Rosie, she immediately followed Lilo.

Ever since she always wanted to come along on walks and adventures with the dogs.

Anywhere the fur parents go, everyone goes. Whether it’s hiking or just driving along, or even to the pet store to get food.

“When you mix a cat with a husky, all you get is an attitude,” says one of Rosie’s fur parents.

Apparently, Rosie now thinks she’s a dog.

She has spent so much time with her dog siblings that she’s become a lot like them.

She chases her tail, loves car rides where she sticks her head out of the window, and knows some tricks too.

She likes bringing toys and playing tug-of-war with the stuffies just like her dog siblings do.

Rosie survived, thanks to Lilo.

And now, Rosie also helps other rescued kittens as well.

When they took in a litter of kittens, Rosie went into mother mode right away and took care of them like they were her kittens.

Just like what Lilo did for her. It felt like she was giving that care back to the other rescued kittens.

Rosie knows Lilo saved her life. She still shows her big sister how grateful she is every day.

Their bond tells us that it’s okay to be friends with someone different from you.

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