Flip loves tennis balls. They are his favorite thing.

He loves them so much that they are completely worn and torn by the time Flip is done with them.

So, his dad Rocky Kanaka, a pet rescue advocate, knew that tennis balls would be the perfect celebration gift for his doggo.

Flip and his family were celebrating Flip being cancer-free.

“Flip was recently diagnosed with a tumor. I was really worried when I found out it was cancerous and for weeks he wasn’t feeling well. But the good news is that his surgery went well and he is now cancer free! So to celebrate I wanted to do something very special for him and surprise him,” Kanaka said on his YouTube page.

Flip is a goofy Boxer, which Kanaka says is an attribute that many in this breed share.

The American Kennel Club calls the Boxer “the whole doggy package.”

This is because they are loyal, affectionate, smart, handsome, and hard-working. These dogs are known to be upbeat and playful and have a silly side.

Still, they are very brave. This especially goes for Flip during his battle with cancer.

“It was so tough. It broke my heart,” said Kanaka.

Though his healing process took a while, Flip was able to undergo a successful surgery that removed his cancerous tumor.

When Kanaka first got Flip, he was dropped off by a breeder who couldn’t care for him.

Poor Flip was so sick that he couldn’t even hold his head up.

It was determined that he had distemper, something many don’t survive, and he was having trouble breathing.

Flip had to be put on life support and almost didn’t make it. But Kanaka fought to make sure everything that could be done was done to help Flip survive.

And he did. Kanaka says that Flip is his absolute BFF.

Kanaka wanted to make sure that Flip was awarded for his bravery and wanted to do something special for his dog since he’s been through so much.

So, Kanka searched for the biggest tennis balls that he could find and bought 100 of them for Flip.

He then built a giant wall of tennis so that Flip could be surprised by them when he came running out of the door.

But Flip was peeking through the window so they had to make sure to put him in a different room so he would be surprised.

Kanaka and his wife painstakingly blew up 100 giant tennis balls and used wood beams to keep them in place to pile them up.

Kanaka first gave Flip a super small tennis ball that he threw out the door so Flip would chase it outside, where his big surprise was waiting.

When Flip got close, his mom pulled a sheet away from the pile to reveal the tennis ball tower.

Flip was a bit shocked by what he saw but then jumped right into that pile to attack.

He was in giant tennis ball heaven.

His reaction to his big surprise couldn’t have been more adorable. Check it out in the video below.


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