One Memphis woman went viral online for posting about the ‘good youth’ that they have in the city after a young man offered to pay her gas bill.

Olivia Jennings was joking around with two young men at a gas station in Memphis recently. “I was teasing him about all the orange juice they were buying,” she said.

Then their friendly banter led to one of the young men turning to Olivia and offering to pay for her gas. “I thought he was teasing, and I pulled out my credit card, and I said, ‘oh it’s ok, I got it.’ He said, ‘no, ma’am, I really want to buy your gas.’ I said, ok.”

The young man then gave her $20. Olivia was so surprised and touched by the boy’s act of kindness. So much so that she asked if she could take a picture with him and share their story online.

‘Memphis Has Good Youth’: Teen Praised After Paying for Stranger’s Gas

Once Olivia posted the photo on Facebook and shared about her encounter with the young man, the post was liked and shared hundreds of times.

“It was absolutely great for everybody coming together saying yes, you are right Memphis has good youth,” Olivia said. “No matter what you say, we’ve got them. They are everywhere.”

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Olivia shared how proud she was of the generous teen and how sweet it was to meet him. What a heartwarming story about an act of kindness at a gas station.

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