Love and relationships can often seem mercurial, or like it is a mystery or even impossible to make last.

But then sometimes, you hear about a love story so pure, that it inspires the lover in all of us.

People who have been married a long time, and who are still madly in love, can serve as a beacon for all of us.

Although one couple passed away recently, even their death reflects the power their love for one another had.ADVERTISEMENT

Hubert and June Malicote were both 100 years old.

After meeting in 1943 at church, they stayed married for 79 years.

Although their love story came to an end this December, they enjoyed what was by all accounts a beautiful life and marriage.

Together, they had a beautiful life.

Through their lifetime of love together, they had lived fully and shared so many adventures and so much of life’s ups and downs.

They had a plethora of children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren to surround them with love at the end of their lives.

Since the summer, it was clear that June would not make it into the new year.

Hubert, a WWII veteran, began to grieve for his wife.

June had experienced multiple strokes in the years leading up to her 100th birthday. But that summer, she had a number of health complications.

She had a heart condition and a UTI that made it difficult for her to be truly healthy.

Hubert was healthy, but the idea of losing his wife was too difficult. His daughter believes that he died of a broken heart.

Hubert passed away 20 hours before his ailing wife. It’s almost like he did not want her to go into the afterlife alone.

June held his hand as he passed on. It must have been helpful to have her there to comfort him.

After Hubert passed away, their children rallied around June. She passed only 20 hours later.

The couple will be buried together and have their funeral together.

It’s very difficult to lose a parent, let alone two at one time.

But Hubert and June’s children can be comforted by the fact that their parents went on into the afterlife still as in love as ever.

Hubert and June kept it simple their entire lives, and they always felt like they were on the same team.

They both turned 100 this past year, and that was an opportunity for them to reflect on their relationship. Hubert told Today:

“It’s kind of like if we aren’t together, the team is broken…We’ve never really gone out much. When the kids were younger we were happy sitting around the table sharing stories about our day…We’ve had a wonderful life.”

Even in older age, these two still were crazy about each other.

Experiencing all the trials and tribulations of life can either make or break a couple.ADVERTISEMENT

For June and Hubert, everything they experienced in their 79 years of marriage only made them stronger and more grateful for what they had.

The couple and their children insist that they had never had a blowout fight, and they always figured out how to talk through issues.

June told WLWT:

“We’ve never had a quarrel. We’ve never had one quarrel.”

Their daughter Jo says that even in their last few months together, they would always kiss each other goodnight, and hold hands every evening while they watched a movie, typically a Western.

It’s clear that these two were always crazy about one another and their love is eternal.

After a lifetime of beautiful love and togetherness, it makes sense that they passed away so close together. Neither of them could imagine life without the other.

By all accounts, Hubert and June had a beautiful and enduring love for one another.

Their children consider it a blessing to have been able to witness their love while growing up.

The couple’s devotion to one another is inspiring to learn about.ADVERTISEMENT

Marriage is hard work, but these two made it seem like every day was romantic.

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