On Wednesday night, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s mother was in the midst of a traumatic car accident; however, she managed to make it out alive and unscathed – an absolute miracle according to The Rock.

Dwayne Johnson, star of the upcoming film “Black Adam,” shared a disheartening image on Instagram of his mom’s mangled Cadillac Escalade, with major damage to its front passenger side. In an extended message accompanying the post, he expressed immense gratitude that she was safe and sound in spite of the accident.

“Angels of mercy watched over my mom as she was in a car crash late last night,” Johnson stated.

The Escalade’s exterior had been destroyed, leaving its inner components exposed and the driver-side airbag vividly suggesting deployment.

After the alarming accident, Johnson (aged 50) revealed that his mom will be subject to further examination.

“This woman has survived lung cancer, tough marriage, head on collision with a drunk driver and attempted suicide,” he wrote. “She’s a survivor, in ways that make angels and miracles real.”

The former professional wrestler graciously expressed her appreciation to the Los Angeles Police and Fire Departments for their assistance, guidance, and support as she went through this traumatic experience. She also noted that they had helped talk him through it over the phone.

To conclude, he offered a powerful piece of advice – to hug their parents.

“I got one parent left, so if you still got your mom and dad make sure you hug ‘em hard, cos you never know when you’ll get that 3 am call we never want to get,” Johnson stated.

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