David Tolley on Johnny Carson started out as just another audience member. But a last-minute guest cancellation gave him the opportunity to show off his incredible musical talents. And his impromptu piano performance ended up wowing Johnny and the whole crowd!

Jonny Carson had prepared to have a well-known pianist perform on the show. But he suddenly found himself in a bind. The pianist had called mere hours before the live show to state he wouldn’t be able to perform due to an accident with his fingers and a car door.

Johnny didn’t let that stop him from going live. After all, the show must go on, right? Johnny decided to think outside of the box and explained the situation to the audience. He figured one of the audience members had to have lessons at some point. The ‘Hail Mary’ to save the show paid off in an unexpected way.

Impromptu Piano Performance On The Johnny Carson Show

Dressed in a Nike t-shirt, jeans, and flip-flops, David Tolley raised his hand as Johnny Carson polled the crowd for pianists. Johnny wasn’t so sure if David knew what he was doing and whether or not he had the experience but David took a chance anyway. He even made jokes David obviously would’ve been better dressed had he known he would be on TV.

Taking his cue from Johnny, David set out to impress and playfully had fun showcasing his talent with a few cheeky grins and antics, which included pretending he was moving the tales of a tuxedo before he sat down to wow the audience. What happened next was jaw-dropping.

David performed ‘Memory’ from the production of Cats while taking the time to wink at the audience and grin because no one expected him to play so well. Just when it seemed the performance would come to end, David grinned and pointed at the keys. He earned applause and a few laughs from the audience as he continued to finish up his performance.

It’s amazing how God directs our steps in life sometimes. One day you’re sitting in the audience and the next you’re on stage revealing the gifts God gave you–showcasing his glory. Well done, David! Well done.

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