We are all growing older every second. As we get older, the things we used to know and love disappear from our lives. Years after, it can be fun to reminisce about the things from yesterday. The older you grow, the more the things you used to know become relics of the past. If you can remember these relics, you are at least starting to get a little old.

Have you ever cooked a meal in one of these?

One day none of us will have to cook any of our meals. We will just order them from a food synthesizer like we are on Star Trek and that will be that. If you are starting to grow a little bit older, perhaps you remember cooking a meal in one of these.

Have you ever eaten a meal at a table like this?

There can be no doubt about it, if you have ever eaten regularly at a table that looks like this, there’s a good chance you are kind of old. The only other consideration is that you might be a hipster who just got back from a yard sale.

Did you ever play with these?

As people no longer seem to play jacks anymore, future generations will never know the agony of stepping on one of them. If you do know such agony, you might be starting to get a little old.

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