Aside from writing hits and being an all-around entertainer, Donny Osmond is a devoted dad and grandpa who enjoys spending time with his large family. Between his Las Vegas residency concerts, Osmond manages to make time for his family.

Don, Jeremy, Brandon, Christopher, and Joshua, Osmond’s five sons, are all grown and have their own families.

Osmond has twelve grandkids, and his eldest son, Don, has four kids with his wife, Jessica. Jeremy has three children with his wife Melisa, Brandon has four children with his wife Shelby, and Christopher has one kid with his wife Alta.

Joshua Osmond married his girlfriend Summer in June 2020, the pair does desire children, but they will probably wait a few years.

The musician had his first grandchild on August 21, 2005, when Jeremy and his wife Melisa welcomed their newborn son Dylan.

The Osmond family began to grow after Jeremy gave birth to their first grandchild, and the “Dancing with the Stars” alum couldn’t be thrilled.

Osmond’s 62nd birthday was more significant since he performed his final bow in Las Vegas after beginning his residency in 2010.

Almost a decade later, Osmond said on Instagram that it was his happiest birthday since he didn’t have to worry about performing and instead got to spend time with his wife and family.

In 2012, Osmond appeared on “The Talk” for a father’s day special. Don, his eldest son, astonished him and the rest of the globe with a wonderful Father’s Day present.

Don told his dad he was expecting his first kid. He expressed gratitude to his dad for being the one to “break him into parenting.

He wasn’t the first to make him a grandpa, but Jessica and he have his sixth grandbaby, Don added at the end of the heartfelt speech.

They were backstage when Osmond began sobbing and expressing why this was such an emotional time for him and his family. According to the singer, they’ve been trying for a long, long time, and he is extremely pleased for them, and is quite thrilled for himself.

Nevertheless, Don and his wife’s first kid marked the beginning of their family’s expansion. The couple overcame their infertility problems, and Osmond revealed in 2020 that his eldest son was expecting his fourth child.

The former “Dancing with the Stars” competitor announced on Instagram that his eldest son’s fourth kid was also his 12th grandchild!

Osmond is incredibly proud of his grandkids and his position as their grandpa, and he frequently posts about their achievements on social media.

Despite his hectic schedule, Osmond makes every effort to encourage his grandkids and attend their sporting events, birthdays, and other special occasions.

Another post by the artist stated that he attended another of his grandson’s basketball games before returning to his Las Vegas residency. Osmond is a huge fan of his grandkids.

Osmond’s grandkids are not only outstanding athletes, but they are also talented artists. On Twitter, the singer announced another achievement for his grandchild.

Osmond’s grandson had his art shown in the National Museum of History in Washington, DC, and the grandpa was overjoyed.

For many years, Osmond had only one granddaughter, whom he adored and referred to as his “little precious princess.” On Facebook, the musician greeted his little princess a happy birthday and commended her for being sweet and kind.

According to the video, Osmond went to his daughter-in-law with outstretched arms, yelling his granddaughter’s name, Emy, so she would eventually have another female in the group of grandsons.

Osmond enjoys fatherhood and is proud of his five boys, but he enjoys being a grandfather even more. On Father’s Day, he uploaded a photo with two of his grandkids and stated that while Father’s Day is wonderful, Grandpa’s Day is the best.

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