Besides being one of the most famous and most renowned actors and a former governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger has also built an impressive career in bodybuilding and is considered one of the pioneers in the field.

Born on July 30, 1947, near the city of Graz, Austria, Arnold was aware of his looks ever since he was a teenager and that is why he wanted to try himself in the world of bodybuilding in the first place. This decision turned out to be the best he could ever make, because this sport brought him places and helped him with his career a great deal.

Arnold was named Mr. Universe five times, and Mr. Olympia seven times. Despite these titles, his physique, along with his acting talent, helped him land one of the most famous roles in the history of film, that of Terminator.

But Arnold wasn’t alone in his journey of promoting bodybuilding as a spectator sport in the United States. His friend on many years, Jim Lorimer, shared Arnold’s dream and the two achieved incredible things together. Among the rest, they co-founded the renowned bodybuilding tournament known as the Arnold Classic.

Sadly, Lorimer, who was also an FBI agent, mayor, and national track coach, passed away November 24th, 2022. He was 96.

Arnold lost a long-time friend and shared his condolences on Instagram where he wrote, “I am devastated that I won’t be able to sit with him again and hear his wisdom, or analyze bodybuilders with him, or simply laugh and laugh.”

Many others commented on Arnold’s post. Among them famous names in the world of bodybuilding.

“Tragic news. RIP I’m very glad I met him at the competition. Jim, rest in peace,” Jay Cutler wrote.

“That tribute is felt all the way through the heart and soul, all the way to the bones. Such a powerful statement that is also very true. Our hearts go out to his family and friends. Jim, rest in peace…” someone else added.

“Life is a fantastic journey! It goes by quickly! Let us cherish and thrill our loved ones right now,” and “I’m sorry for your loss…” were some of the rest of the comments.

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