The Greatest Showman is an incredible movie to watch. It includes the emotionally dramatic ballad known as “Never Enough,” which has karaoke singers doing their best to imitate the song’s very high notes.
It was the UK’s longest-running No. 1 soundtrack in the last 50 years or so.

Jenny Lind, who is played by Rebecca Ferguson, sings the smash hit. However, the vocals for the song were performed by an even more incredible vocalist by the name of Loren Allred.
Allred, however, never received recognition or fame for the song. Rebecca Ferguson asked Allred to take over singing duties.

Therefore, Loren Allred took advantage of the chance and gave a performance on Britain’s Got Talent so that she could introduce herself to the audience and the four judges as well as discuss her motivation for doing so on that stage.

Simon Cowell was speechless at what he was hearing and witnessing.

At this point, Allred introduces herself to the panel of judges. This woman has performed this song on stage in front of a host of famous individuals. She always presents herself beautifully in the attire she chooses for these occasions.

On the BGT stage, Allred adopts a more laid-back attitude.
«So, you sang a song that is among the most well-known in music history. You’ve revealed that you were the one who actually sang the song in the movie, not the actress, Simon responds.

When questioned why only now, Allred had the following response: “I was more comfortable singing behind the scenes, but I sort of feel like the song was intended for me, and now I’m ready to put a face to the song.”

This means that everyone in the audience was left speechless when they realized that the woman performing on stage is in fact the exact same woman they had heard singing in the movie.

Allred, who is 32 years old, claims that she is both the face and the voice of the song.

Before making an appearance on Britain’s Got Talent, Allred told The Sun that she was «still trying to make a name for me» in the music business. This was before she was a part of the show.

She was not yet bound by a recording deal with a label at the time.
«Despite the fact that I’ve worked in the music industry for a long time, few people know my name. I’ve been making a lot of effort throughout the years to increase my chances of becoming successful and getting attention.

“The chance to sing Never Enough came about as a result of my participation as a session singer in the choir, and despite the fact that the song was a huge hit, many people continue to believe that the actress is the one who sang it. I’ve never had the chance to share my story.”

Allred’s performance started off a little shaky, but once she got into her rhythm, she blew the roof off the place.
She strikes every high note, which causes everyone, including the judges, to jump up and praise her performance.

As Amanda Holden stood up and hit the golden buzzer, gold began to fall on Allred from the rafters as the judges gasped at Loren’s remarkable singing prowess.

After waiting too long, Loren finally emerged from the darkness and entered the glowing light.

What you see and hear in the music video below will blow your mind!

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