Lena Horne and Humphrey Bogart were mid 20th century Hollywood stars. Bogart was famous for his roles in The Maltese Falcon, Casablanca and The African Queen. Horne was a singer, actor and civil rights activist. Together the two performers acted in various movies including Stormy Weather.

Humphrey Bogart was committed to standing up for the downtrodden and was well recognised for speaking his mind. Lena Horne relocated to Hollywood in 1941 against the city’s ban on black inhabitants at the time. Humphrey Bogart stood up for her when her neighbours tried to evict her.

Bogie “raised hell with them for passing around a petition seeking to get rid of me,” Ms Horne constantly recalled.

According to Ms Horne, Bogart reportedly remarked to her if somebody troubles you please let me know. He was a man who always challenged authority and had a cynicism that enabled him to speak the truth.

Bogart’s activism and support opened doors for individuals of colour in the entertainment sector.

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