Many individuals are unaware that Maury Povich and Connie Chung have been married for 39 years. It’s possible since, with the exception of a few chosen interviews, these two prominent television stalwarts haven’t publicly discussed their relationship. They’re not at the point where tabloids are snatching facts about their relationship for juicy cover stories. But maybe they should.

Maury and Connie have one of the most intriguing relationships in Hollywood, as it turns out. For one thing, they acknowledge to having been informally dating for seven years before Maury proposed and Connie said yes. Maury was residing in Philadelphia at the time, while Connie was working in Los Angeles. So it was a long-distance romance in which they both saw other individuals. This would be a handy fling for most people.

Maury, on the other hand, felt amorous when the two were in Italy together. Maury had already proposed, but Connie had declined. The reason was that neither felt ready to take the relationship further at the same time.

But how did they get together? They initially met in 1969 at a TV station in Washington, DC. Maury was a great name at the time, and Connie’s career was only getting started. It’s hard to think that Connie Chung wasn’t a household name a few years ago, but it’s true.

In 1969, she was a copygirl at a little television station in Washington, D.C., and he was a great celebrity, and she was just a child, she said. She’d pull the wire copy from the machine and hand it over to Mr. Povich. He was brusque and matter-of-fact. He never raised his head. Perhaps eventually he’ll see that she is a human being, she kept thinking.

Connie, on the other hand, did not wait for Maury to notice her. She worked there for two years before leaving to pursue her profession—and she left him in the dust, as Connie laughed. Obviously, she never imagined she’d end up marrying him at this moment.


It only took five years for power dynamics to shift, which is why so many women look up to Connie Chung. After traveling across the nation from job to job for many years, she ended up in Los Angeles by 1977, and at the time, she was the second banana to Connie, Maury said. Before they cleaned house, Connie was the major anchor star at the CBS station, and he was her co-act.

Maury apparently informed Connie that he had been let go, which softened her feelings for the former big shot. He also told her that she was the only person he knew in Los Angeles, so the two began spending more time together. They probably had no idea romance was on the way. But it did, although gradually.

They were actively seeing other individuals during their seven-year relationship. Still, Maury had feelings for Connie and sought to propose to her. Surprisingly, she ultimately said yes — and it was because she saw a bridal gown she desired to wear. Their destiny may have been quite different if they hadn’t worn that clothing.

They married in a simple ceremony in 1984. After experiencing infertility, they expanded their family via adoption. They adopted Matthew Jay Povich, who is now a professor at California State Polytechnic University, in 1995. Maury has two children from a prior marriage as well.

Except for a dog that occurred to be outdoors at the time, Connie doesn’t seem to recall much about the wedding.


As it’s a strange memory to have while vows are being recited, the two have subsequently adopted pets. But, as wonderful as that is, one of the nicest aspects of Maury and Connie’s relationship is that they continue to affectionately argue with each other. While it may not seem to be love in interviews, there’s a reason they’ve been together for so long—particularly given that they both have lots of other possibilities.

Some of the squabbling came out. Connie is never on time, Maury said, smiling. What irritates her about Maury is that he’s always noisy and interrupts, Connie said. He don’t, Maury clarified.

However, they both have theories about why and how their marriage has survived so long. Maury expressed that whatever conversations or disagreements take place throughout the day, once the head hits the pillow, they are done and will not be resumed the following morning. I’m not thinking about it.

Connie, as usual, was quick to disagree. That is absolutely commendable, but she carries grudges and must continue to debate it out, whatever it is, she said. Then Maury provided a far more widespread response. They’ve always respected one another’s jobs, as well as their own spaces and ideals, he remarked. There are no second chances. Perhaps that’s why they’re still married.

It’s almost pleasant to see Connie and Maury’s connection. For years, these two have kept things genuine, and they’ve been able to create a good life together – one that Connie confesses she’d repeat in a heartbeat. Even if the odds were not in their favor, they are one of Hollywood’s longest-lasting relationships.


It also serves as a reminder that love stories do not always have to be romantic. The two make fun of the people their partners dated before they got together. Even Connie confesses that those seven years were quite liberating. Nonetheless, they are nonetheless pleased with how things turned out.

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