When you love what you do, like a river, it flows into you.

Have you ever felt that strong passion? That no matter how hard it is, you just want to achieve that dream?

Mariah Bell, at the age of 25, is already known as a senior in her chosen field.

That doesn’t bother her one bit. In fact, she’s proud of it. She’s in love with her craft, and she won’t stop doing it.

True enough, Bell had won the US women’s figure skating national title last January 07, 2022.

This makes her the oldest champion in the US women’s skating national championship in the past 95 years

Next to Bell was 2018 Olympian Karen Chen, who finished second, Alyssa Liu, the two-time national champion, was in third place after Thursday’s short program.

However, Liu was asked to pull out of the competition when they found out that she tested positive for Covid-19.

Isabeau Levito, 14 years old, who finished fourth, was moved into third place.

The problem is that Levito, being underage, is not eligible for the 2022 Olympics.

Many have said that Liu can still be chosen for the upcoming Olympic team.

Liu posted an update on her social media and told everyone who was worried that she was already “feeling good physically and mentally.”

Focusing on our lovely champion, many rejoiced when they saw why Bell won. Her performance was breathtaking.

Bell entered the stage with excitement in her eyes.

You don’t see nervousness or fear, just pure passion, and love for what she’s doing.

Then we hear the beautiful music that Bell chose, its none-other-then the song ‘River Flows In You,’ by Yiruma.

The music itself was full of emotion, the perfect song for such a passionate girl like Bell.

It’s as if when she entered the skating rink, she was in a different world.

Bell feels it differently. You can see it in her eyes and her movement. Everyone wanted and expected her to do a triple, but she wowed everyone when she did a triple-triple.

It was a risky move for skaters, but Bell did it flawlessly.

The commentators watched the contestants as they practiced for one whole week.

According to them, Bell wasn’t able to do this element when she was practicing, but she perfected it on the day of her performance.

It was an amazing short program.

Bell was able to do everything flawlessly. Her jumps, her speed, and pacing were on point, and she was full of grace.

The music that she chose was perfect for her.

Everyone cheered for her, and after she finished, she gave everyone a warm smile.

“It’s the way she emotes. It’s never forced. It feels so authentic,” said Tara Lipinski, NBC broadcaster said.

There was something different in her performance.

Her emotions radiate to her audience that you can feel her passion and love. You’re watching her, and you also feel it inside of you.

No wonder she won the championship.

“She was born to compete and to perform,” added Lipinski.

We couldn’t agree more.

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