I can’t be the only one here who remembers Donna Mills.

Incredibly, the actress has been plying her trade since the mid-1960s, and today she can still be seen in various television shows and films. Her longevity can perhaps be attributed to the fact that she’s always taken extremely good care of her body.

Now aged 82, Mills spoke with Fox News Digital to give an open account of the fitness routine she follows in order to stay as strong and healthy as she does.

She might be entering that period of one’s life where one is expected to slow down, but sit down before you see how good she looks today…

Donna Mills has been acting for a long, long time now, but perhaps she’s best known for her work on Knots Landing, where she was a series regular between 1980 and 1989.

On the show she played Abby Cunningham, and flourished despite the role posing a challenge she’d never faced before. Indeed, her delivery was so impressive that it garnered her a whole new fan base – one could say her continued success is thanks to the groundwork she laid while on the show.

One thing’s for sure, and that’s that Donna has managed to defy the norms of the industry in staying active and relevant for almost her entire life.

Now, it makes sense to assume that one can’t possibly endure the rigors of the spotlight without taking extremely good care of one’s body, and it turns out, that’s exactly what Mills does.

Speaking at the 30th Annual Movieguide Awards, Mills spoke openly on her fitness regimen and how it has helped her stay in such great shape.

“I work out [almost] every day. You know, that’s important. It’s important to keep it all moving.”

But that’s only the beginning …

From there, things get more specific. “I play tennis five times a week for two hours at a time,” Mills continued.

“I also have a small gym in my home, so I work out with light weights, use my Peloton, do a lot of stretching on my ballet barre.”

She went on: “Like almost everyone my age, I have arthritis, and it hurts sometimes. But this is where discipline comes in. I’m not Superwoman, but I do always see the bigger picture.”

What’s more, Donna wants to remind others that life can get better with age, and that many people still have so much to contribute as they get older.

“At age 60, 70, later, you have so much more to contribute — don’t just sit down and say, ‘I’m done’,” she advised.

Interestingly, it wasn’t until her 60’s that Mills explained that she found love as well in Larry Gilman, an actor and producer.

“I met Larry Gilman at age 60. I lucked out. Before him, I kind of went for the bad boys. But when I met him, I just knew I was going for the not-bad boy,” she explained.

Last year, Mills starred in Jordan Peele’s Nope. She will portray Lillian Cutler in V.C. Andrew Dawn’s “Cutler” series, based on the author’s books. The Lifetime series is expected to be released in 2023.

I agree with Donna Mills that there’s so much people have to give as they grow older. And how about how fantastic she looks!

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