A family dealing with the fallout of the toxic chemical disaster in Ohio say their health and their property are in decline with no end in sight … and they’re pissed at the fed’s response.

Nathan Izotic, whose family owns a home two miles from the train derailment that unleashed toxic chemicals into the air, water and ground, joined us on “TMZ Live” Friday and shared what life is like for folks in the area … and it ain’t pretty.Play video content

Despite getting the green light to go home, Nathan says he and his family are still suffering from headaches, confusion, tiredness, vomiting and difficulty breathing … he says the air smells like burnt plastic, there’s a chemical sheen and rainbow coloration in the creek running through their backyard and everything reeks of chemicals.

In perhaps the most damning sign of what’s happening … Nathan says there’s absolutely no sign of wildlife anymore … and his dog keeps throwing up.

Of course, it’s been two weeks since the Feb. 3 train derailment that started the environmental disaster, and Nathan says folks are fed up with a lack of relief from the feds.

The way he sees it … authorities and the EPA are “pissing down our backs and telling us it’s not raining.”

Nathan wants to see investigations and accountability from railroad operator, Norfolk Southern … and he and his wife are planning to take legal action.

With the long-term health effects unknown, and the cleanup in its infancy, Nathan says he doesn’t know where things will go from here … but he’s certain the property value on the home he bought last summer is going to tank and his family has nowhere else to go.

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