A prayer meeting has been going on at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky for a week now.

Beginning last Wednesday, the 24-hr a day meeting has gone on non-stop for seven full days as locals praise and worship the Lord in a massive revival. Check out some videos of it here:

According to a report from the local “Asbury Collegian,” the event in the Wilmore, Kentucky university chapel began when students gathered for what they thought would be a typical 10 am chapel service. But then, though the service progressed as normal and seemed completed within an hour, no one left.

This past Wednesday, the students of Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky gathered at 10 a.m. for what was expected to be just another regular morning chapel service. The service progressed through the usual flow of prayer, worship, and a sermon to be completed within the hour, yet when it came time for the service to end, no one left.

As The Asbury Collegian’s Alexandra Presta reports, during the call to confession, at least 100 people fell to their knees and bowed at the altar. “Voices are ringing out. People are bowing at the altar, arms stretched wide. A pair of friends cling to each other in a hug, one with tears in her eyes. A diverse group of individuals crowd the piano and flawlessly switch from song to song. Some even sit like me, with laptops open. No one wants to leave.”

So, with no one wanting to leave, the service continued. First, it went on for another hour. Then three more hours. Then it had been a full 24-hour service. Then it just kept going for days on end, with prayer and worship filling up every minute of it. As The DC Enquirer reports:

People have been giving testimonies, reading scripture, worshipping God, and praying. Students, professors, and local church leaders have all partaken in this event. Per one person attending the event, “Nobody was in charge. There was no known leader. There was no known worship team, they rotated every two hours or so. No fancy lighting. Wood seats without cushions. The altar was full nonstop with people weeping. No offerings.”

And another:


And though the event began with Asbury students, it’s since expanded and people from universities and churches across the country have traveled to Asbury to keep the unbroken chain of worship going and witness the powerful spirit present in the sleepy Kentucky town. One student from the University of Kentucky, Anneli White, told the Kentucky Times “The Holy Spirit was tangible in the room. Chains were broken, confession happened, and God was praised as holy, holy, holy.”

Thousands of others like Anneli have flocked to Asbury. Because that chapel has limited room, it’s been limited to standing room only as more and more of the Faithful arrive. To accommodate those who can’t fit in the main chapel, multiple overflow chapels have been set up to accommodate people who are unable to make it into the main chapel area.

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