Yesterday my mother-in-law and I went to my parents’ house. My brother wanted to get married, he brought his girlfriend to our house and we went to meet her. My mom decided to give her my grandmother’s ring that she got when she got married. That ring was our little family tradition.

She gave the ring to her future daughter-in-law, she said. And the girl gladly accepted the gift. My mother-in-law wanted to see what the ring was, she wondered. She took the ring and accidentally dropped it under the couch. We started looking for it and haven’t been able to find it for two days now, it was like it had disappeared somewhere.

My mother-in-law called me today and said something that made me freeze for a moment. She said she saw this girl in the mall today with her mom. She went to say hello to them and saw the same ring on the finger of this girl’s mother.

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