This morning a few people saw my daughter walking to school & me following behind her.

Some asked me why I did that & others gave me a stank stare.
I’m very well aware she’s only 10. And she walked Because I told her to.
Because she forgot how to treat adults, So I told her to walk.
Because she mistakenly associated her size with her authority, So I told her to walk.
Because her behavior towards me & other adults is unacceptable,So I told her to walk
Until she can appreciate the free ride to/from school. Respect and listen to me. I’m the mom who is watching to know that she’s safe. I’m also the mom who is not here to be her friend. I’m the mom who is okay with her child being angry at her sometimes. I’m the mom who is desperate to leave this world better than I found it, through the people I’m bringing up into it.
A lot of people are so afraid to hurt their kid’s feelings, but she’ll only be mad at me for a little while.
I’m more afraid of my kid growing up to be an entitled asshole.
We’re not here to be their friends. We’re here to make sure they grow up to become a friend worth having. So yeah she was walking. Thinking. Reflecting. Maturing. Learning. Growing.
And I’m watching. ❤️

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