Jon Bon Jovi is a rock legend. Any karaoke night isn’t complete without at least one rendition of Livin’ on a Prayer! Through the ages, Bon Jovi has transformed from a rock-star in the ’80s, to an older rock legend now.Eventually, all the heroes and legends of our youth get older!No matter what, the marching of time continues on!

We are never more reminded of that fact when we see our childhood stars getting older. I mean, just imagine Justin Beiber with grandkids! Even still, there is still something beautiful about different seasons of life.For Bon Jovi, being a dad is one of the best things ever!Growing up under the spotlight of one of the greatest songwriters in modern history may sound glamourous, but it most assuredly had its trials.

Thankfully, Bon Jovi was dedicated to the task of loving his daughter well! Like all relationships, things weren’t always easy, however.

Bon Jovi’s daughter is named Stephanie and had her own difficulties to contend with.

Like all of us, Stephanie had to overcome her own struggles and battles. Struggling with substance abuse behind her dad’s back, she eventually od’d and was taken to the hospital. Monagiza said:

When Bon Jovi learned about his daughter’s substance abuse issues, he was utterly shocked. He’d had no idea that she’d been doing this stuff behind his back, something which only made the pain worse. If he’d realized that Stephanie had been taking this stuff, he would have done everything in his power to help her.

Like anything hard, having a loving dad helped her get through it!

Having someone who cares is the first step to any progress in life! One of the cutest things ever happened between him and his daughter. Bon Jovi was performing at a concert in Las Vegas, Nevada, when something truly heartwarming occurred.

Strumming his guitar and singing the song “I Got the Girl”, the moment turned beautiful.

With a crowd of thousands in front of him and an excited band behind him, Bon Jovi was in the middle of singing the song “I Got the Girl” when he had an idea. While originally written about another suiter, most of the song’s lyrics easily fit into a father-daughter relationship!

Turning around and beckoning backstage, Bon Jovi called his daughter out!

Stephanie climbs up the stairs and joins her dad on stage! For a few moments, the two dance and shimmy! Having their own father-daughter dance in front of thousands, the band strikes the song’s end as the two hug.

With a final jump, Stephanie and Bon Jovi hit a final “rocker note” and complete the song!

You can easily see how much love their relationship has! Despite the difficulties, their relationship looks stronger than ever. Inevitably, we will all make mistakes and need someone to help us through it. For Stephanie, that person just happens to be Bon Jovi!

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