Most of us have experienced having friends. Even though some of the friendships we have had did not turn out the way we wanted, we can’t deny that these friendships still made us happy once in our life.

Of course, some friendships will always remain special in our hearts no matter what.

A young girl has already experienced this at the age of four.

Everything happened unexpectedly in the most unexpected place – at the grocery store. The 4-year-old kid Norah was celebrating her birthday at that time.

And when they were buying cupcakes for her siblings, they saw an old man with his shopping cart. Norah happily approached the man by saying hi to him and even called him “old person”.

Norah’s mom, Tara shared the whole story on social media and it immediately went viral. A lot of people loved it as it was not just a simple encounter.

It was a touching one and it was also the start of a special friendship.

When Norah told the man that it was her birthday, the man happily talked to her. He introduced himself and told them that his name is Dan. He also greeted Norah with a happy birthday.

After that, they already parted but Norah had a special request.

She wanted a photo with her new friend. Tara unhesitatingly granted her request and she talked to Dan about it.

Tara described Dan’s priceless reaction when he heard about Norah’s request. He was surprised and delighted at the same time. And of course, he didn’t say no.

The two immediately had this instant connection and they were having a great time talking to each other.

Tara shared something that made her emotional.
She wrote via Today Parenting Team:

“After a few minutes, I thanked Mr. Dan for taking the time to spend a bit of his day with us. He teared up and said, ‘No, thank YOU. This has been the best day I’ve had in a long time. You’ve made me so happy, Miss Norah’.”

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