Ever since she was a kitten, Aloe has always refused to play with regular cat toys. Instead, she plays with hair ties. They’re her favorite thing in the whole world. As long as Aloe has her hair ties, she’s a happy cat.

Recently, Aloe’s mom noticed her lying on the floor with her paw outstretched, seemingly trying to get something that had gotten stuck under the washing machine. She figured it was a hair tie and went over to try and help — and ended up finding a big surprise.

“I assumed she had gotten a singular hair tie stuck under it, so I grabbed a clothes hanger and stuck it under the washer,” Anne Tam, Aloe’s mom, told The Dodo. “Lo and behold, almost 30 hair ties came out!”

When Aloe made it clear she needed help, she accidentally revealed her secret stash of hair ties, which hadn’t been the plan — but also, she absolutely loved having them all laid out in front of her like that, so it all worked out in the end.

“When Aloe saw them, I think she was in heaven,” Tam said. “She sat there and stared for a second and then started pawing at all of them (which caused some of them to fly back underneath the washer). It was a really hilarious sight to see.”

Of course, just because her mom found her stash doesn’t mean that Aloe is going to stop hoarding hair ties. They’re her most prized possessions, and as long as they’re lying around the house, she’ll find a way to play with them and hide them away.

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