Jaclyn Smith became a pioneering celebrity in the 1970s, starring in the classic TV series Charlie’s Angels. Through the years, the Houston native has also gone on to become a successful businesswoman and a role model for millions.

Jaclyn may no longer be in her heyday as Kelly Garrett (who captured imaginations all over the world in the 1970s) but she’s certainly still an inspiring and interesting woman.

Jaclyn has been in the show business for over 40 years. The award-winning actress and entrepreneur have been in the public eye for several decades all told, and one thing really stands out.

Unlike many Hollywood celebrities, Smith always stayed true to her compassionate roots; loving her family and helping people all around the world through several foundations.

Jaclyn had a fantastic career and was also blessed with a beautiful family heralding both children and grandchildren. This is her today, aged 76.

Jaclyn Smith was born Jacquelyn Ellen Smith on Oct 26, 1945, in Houston, Texas. As a small child of just three, she got her first pair of dancing shoes and set about pursuing her dream of becoming a professional ballerina.

For Jaclyn, the family has always been the number one priority, something instilled in her as a youngster.

“Growing up in Houston, the home was always a happy refuge for me and the values my parents instilled in me, although I may not have known it at the time, would help me define myself later in life. The family was and continues to be the foundation for all my happiness and success,” she told Medium.

Jaclyn graduated high school and later moved on to study drama at Trinity University. Before long, she was starring in several productions, including West Side Story, and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

Having made it to the stage, Jaclyn still dreamt of becoming a dancer. In 1973, she landed her first TV job, getting a gig as a shampoo model for Breck. Soon, her face was known all over the country.

She worked together with Max Factor, which later on would land her her own signature scent, Jaclyn Smith’s California, launched in 1989.

But before Jaclyn would proudly present her own fragrance, many things would happen. Following her college graduation, she decided to move to New York City. It would turn out to be a great call.

“It was there, a thousand miles away from home, that I was lucky enough to try a lot of different experiences, meet many wonderful people, learn my craft, hone my skills, and really be open to finding a path that was right for me”, she explained.

“While I started in dance, I was pulled into acting in commercials and miniseries and just loved it. As I began to take on more roles and explore new and exciting characters, the more I knew this was what I wanted, and am grateful for a wonderful career on the big and small screens.”

Jaclyn landed several smaller parts in TV series and movies in the early 1970s, including Switch and McCloud.

She would later be known as the “Queen of Mini-Series”, but it was in 1976 that everything changed for her when she got the role of Kelly Garrett in Charlie’s Angels.

She wasn’t really feeling the readings, and, following the casting, she was sure she’d missed out on the job.

“I just know it wasn’t my best moment. So I just got it out of my mind. I didn’t even think there was a chance for me to get Charlie’s Angels,” she said.

“I wasn’t a driving, ambitious actress like, ‘I have to get this role.’ I just went in, I had fun.”

At first, it looked like the producer wanted someone other than Jaclyn since they were originally looking for a redhead to balance the blond Farrah Fawcett-Majors and brunette Kate Jackson. But when casting was over, producers realized that Smith would be perfect, since the chemistry between the three actresses in the leading roles was so good.

Charlie’s Angels aired for the first time in 1976. And it didn’t take long before it was a certified success.

The crime-fighting adventures of Kelly Garrett, Sabrina Duncan, and Jill Munroe, working in a Los Angeles private detective agency was a smash hit. Charlie’s Angels were nominated for several Golden Globes and Emmy Awards, airing for five seasons.

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