Christopher Hopkins is a famous hair designer and stylist who specializes in makeovers for women with the help of tiny but fantastic changes to their overall look. Many women have gone through a makeover by Christopher. Like this woman, we had to look twice to believe she was indeed the same woman.

It’s just hard to believe what you see after you see the before and after look her.

Meet Marie Johnson. She’s from Fargo, North Dakota and she flew to her meeting with Christopher who is known as ‘The Makeover Guy’, in Minneapolis. Marie saw Christopher’s works and decided that she too wanted help from the super stylist.

When she first sat down on the barber’s chair in front of the cameras, she looked stressed – but she was definitely ready for the makeover of her life!

When she sat down she knew she would look like a different woman at the end of the process – the question was how different?

Marie had only one request: no blue or purple hair. She had to maintain a dignified appearance for her work as a lawyer.

Now the question remains: What is Christopher preparing for her? very soon she will find out…

Watch the video below to see the entire makeover process. Marie introduced herself to us and we see her natural appearance. Her hair is combed to the side and she has gray hairs.

When the makeover was complete, Marie’s soul couldn’t contain herself from happiness! She certainly does not look sixty years old. Watch the makeover and her husband’s reaction when he meets his ‘different’ wife.

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