Andrew Thomas Herrera, 19, entered a Popeyes Lousiana Kitchen in San Antonio, Texas, with the goal of robbing the establishment. Herrera demanded money from a male client before aiming his pistol toward the man’s children, determined to convince everyone that he was a genuine danger. Cynthia Ruiz, the gunman’s mom, is dissatisfied with the result.


The armed offender had no idea that the dad of the young victims was a qualified concealed carrier. Before Herrera could act, the protective father drew out his gun and shot the robber five times, killing him. A month after the teen’s death, his bereaved mom had a straightforward question for the evasive dad.


Cynthia Ruiz relived the day her son was shot during an armed robbery attempt. Ruiz, who is grieving the loss of her son, indicated that she understood the dad’s motivation for shooting Herrera. However, she is still perplexed by one part of the episode and has demanded an explanation from him.


Ruiz screamed, as she gazed into the cameras, holding an enlarged image of her murdered son, why the dad, who was defending his small kids, shot her son “four more times” rather than once? Ruiz challenged the father’s motives, almost accusatorily, asking why he felt the need to “shot him five times?”

Cynthia Ruiz has asked to watch the security footage in order to figure out what occurred that tragic day for herself. Sadly for her, authorities refused to acknowledge if such tape existed, leaving the mom to guess what happened.

Ruiz, on the other hand, appeared to justify her son’s behavior, claiming that Herrera’s companion and getaway driver that night said that “the gun wasn’t loaded.” She went on to say that her son had been diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2016 and had bipolar illness as a youngster and that he had stopped taking his prescriptions three weeks before his death.

Cynthia Ruiz said that she believed her son was up to no good when he began bringing home money while being jobless. Nonetheless, rather than investigating his suspicious conduct, she urged him to utilize the ill-gotten earnings to rent a house.

Herrera may have been engaged in multiple robberies before the deadly event, according to the SAPD. The police refused to comment on the issue, reminding reporters that it is still under investigation. The dad who fatally shot Herrera is regarded as a local hero.

The incident demonstrates that there is no way of knowing a person’s motives when they aim a gun at you and that lawfully arming yourself is the best way to defend yourself and your loved ones. While we grieve this mom’s heartbreaking loss of her kid, it is entirely the result of his decisions.

Ultimately, to address her burning question of why the guy shot her kid five times rather than once, it was the only way to guarantee that the threat to his own kids was eliminated.

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