Tania Duenas Sweeney decided to get her camera and capture a picture when her son and a group of other youngsters who had been playing on a trampoline suddenly remained still. What they did encouraged her to not only capture the photo but also to share their great experience on Facebook with an explanation.

Sweeney is a military woman who was stationed with her family at the Ramstein Air Base in Germany when she took the picture that went viral. As she said in the caption, both the German and American national anthems play at 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and the youngsters understand just what to do.

Facebook/Tania Duenas Sweeney

She appreciates how these lads take a break from whatever they’re doing to express their admiration for their current nation and the good ol’ USA! Sweeney said on social media after sharing the picture. They adore their neighborhood. The photograph clearly showed a group of lads on a trampoline as the music started, and they quickly stopped what they were doing to express their respect.

If one is outdoors, one must stop what one is doing and face the direction of the anthems or a visible flag. Everything comes to a halt on base—adults, children, and all cars will turn on hazards and stop traffic to show respect, Sweeney expressed after her picture went viral.

Facebook/Tania Duenas Sweeney

Sweeney is overjoyed that her children and others on base are learning the value of respect and having it taught to them at such a young age. She loves that her sons know what to do now and do it naturally. She was cleaning dishes in the home when she saw them standing at attention out the window. That touched her heart, she remarked, telling more about the heartwarming shot she took.

Her son has baseball practice that begins at 5 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday on base, she added, giving an example of how others urge the youngsters to observe the custom. Because of the anthem, coaches suggest that students arrive at 4:45. This gives the students time to settle down before the anthems begin, and once they do, rehearsal comes to an end and it’s “all hats off.”

Facebook/Tania Duenas Sweeney

These military children make so many sacrifices to help their military parents that it becomes a part of who they are. Kids go through lengthy periods of time without their military parent and develop a bit faster than the ordinary child, Sweeney said. People feel pride in their nation, and it is enhanced by being on base and particularly in an overseas location. She is extremely proud of every child in that image, particularly since they didn’t have to show respect; they did it because they love the USA.

Being a “military brat” is not an easy way to grow up, and young children must make several sacrifices while their parents serve their nation. Whether it’s moving around a lot, passing up experiences that other children their age have, or having mom or dad gone for lengthy periods of time and missing their milestones, it all adds up to not always be the best experience in the world for kids. Too often, people forget what they did when they were young, which is why Sweeney felt compelled to share the amazing picture she took.

Facebook/Tania Duenas Sweeney

Kids do the strangest things at times, including many moments when they decide to do the right thing. Yet they aren’t the kids that make headlines. Although kids who misbehave will always attract a lot of attention, there are plenty of other youngsters who know what to do.

All too often, these youngsters go unnoticed and do not get the recognition they deserve. Yet now and again, when they accomplish something exceptionally spectacular, the spotlight shines brilliantly on them. In a world full of stories about kids doing the wrong thing, it’s refreshing to read about youngsters who do the right thing—even when they don’t believe anybody is looking.

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