Who doesn’t love Target? I know I do! Every time I walk in the store, I get excited just like this her 2-year-old little girl did when a Target employee danced with her.

Evelyn and her mommy, Stefanie, were shopping around at Target. And we all know that Target is the place to be! Evelyn is bursting with excitement about her outing. But just like any 2-year-old, Evallyn did not like to sit still in the shopping cart for very long.

Her mommy thought that she was prepared and brought along a few toys to keep Evallyn occupied. But that did not seem to hold her interest long enough. Toys usually distract the excited toddler, but they did not work this time.

Adorable Dance-Off In Target

She was unusually energetic and just would not stay still. Stefanie hoped that Evallyn would be cooperative, but she could not help but to wiggle and crawl around on the floor. And right when Stefanie was about to give Evallyn the infamous “mom look”, AJ, one of the Target employees caught Evallyn’s attention.

The two of them had a little conversation and then challenged each other to a silent dance-off. It was the perfect distraction for Evallyn.

Stefanie was so stressed out that AJ saved the day. Stefanie was able to check out easily while her 2-year-old and her new friend danced, twirled, and hopped in the aisle. God bless this amazing worker and this precious little girl!

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