Veteran actor Andie McDowell began her career in Hollywood as a model. Since then, she has adorned the covers of prestigious publications like Vogue and appeared in Armani ad campaigns. She has not, however, had an easy time aging.

Actress and model Andie McDowell is well-known in Hollywood. A Wilhelmina Models representative approached her while she was visiting Los Angeles, California, and hired her.

In 1978, in New York City, McDowell later signed with Elite Model Management. Later, she made the switch to acting, and in 1984, she appeared in “Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes” for the first time.

McDowell made a number of further cameos in popular movies like “Four Weddings and a Funeral,” “Groundhog Day,” and “Short Cuts” after studying method acting.

Her performances in movies like “Monte Carlo” and “Sex, Lies, and Videotape” have made the South Carolina native a household name. Her success as a model helped her advance into an acting career.

Following her appearance on the Vogue cover, McDowell worked with prestigious companies including Yves Saint Laurent and Anne Klein. McDowell’s work on Calvin Klein’s commercials gave her access to acting chances.

Before making her first marriage proposal, McDowell maintained a thriving career in her 20s and 30s. In 1986, she married Paul Qualley, a former model.

The couple did not plan on “having children,” she told once. Nevertheless, in 1986 McDowell gave birth to their son Justin, who was their first child. Later, McDowell and Qualley welcomed two additional children: daughters Rainey and Margaret, who were born in 1990 and 1994, respectively.

McDowell and Qualley decided to end their marriage in 1999 when Qualley had difficulties in her work. The mother of three claimed it was difficult to break their marriage and that it was difficult:

“It is not an effortless change. The sooner you can let go of any anger, in my opinion, the better.”

When McDowell remarried her old high school classmate Rhett Hartzog in November 2001, she discovered love once more. The couple exchanged vows in a spectacular ceremony in Asheville, North Carolina, in front of 450 people.

McDowell did, however, file for divorce in 2004, and just like her first divorce, the process was heartbreaking. As no more information about their divorce was made public, a source called it a “sad and very private moment.” Three years of marriage later, she and Hartzog divorced.

McDowell had to face the harsh reality of a waning career during that time. She appeared in films that both spectators and critics panned harshly.

The director’s preference for working with performers who were younger and she was already in her fifties caused her career to stagnate. However, McDowell stated in April 2016 that she has come to terms with the possibility that she might not be given the same opportunities to play prominent roles as in the past: “Due to the fact that so many films focus on young people, I might not always play the lead or receive the same major roles as I formerly did, but I won’t stop doing it because I like it. I always manage to obtain employment. I might not be getting the best pieces I once did, or it might not be as simple, but I’m still here.”

Hollywood became more scrutinized as people got older, particularly once McDowell turned 40. Because of her advanced age, people believed she might never again find employment.

The Golden Globe candidate recalls being attacked by a reporter who asked her how aging felt now that she was “losing her beauty,” which left her stunned, in an interview:

“When I turned 40, the wildest things were said to me. I simply could not accept it. I assured her that although I do look different, I don’t feel as though I’m losing my attractiveness.”

The L’Oreal representative said that aging is a normal part of human evolution. She made a point of saying that growing older had nothing to do with losing one’s beauty.

McDowell said she had learned to accept aging, despite having previously taken Botox and thought about plastic surgery. She has chosen to go natural rather than undergo cosmetic surgery on her face.

McDowell celebrated his 64th birthday in April 2022. The “Along for the Ride” actress flaunted her gray hair in July 2021 with salt-and-pepper-hued curls on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival.

McDowell said she had learned to accept aging, despite having previously taken Botox and thought about plastic surgery. She has chosen to go natural rather than undergo cosmetic surgery on her face.

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