Lena and KC were married and looking to start their family.

This Massachusetts-based family had long wanted to make their dream of having a family come true. They first met baby Joey when he was 18 months old at an event sponsored by the organization Children’s Friend.

They saw a picture of Joey at the event. Event organizers and the nonprofit felt that the couple would be a good match for this baby and they told them so.

First, they adopted the oldest, Joey.

Joey was two years old when they adopted him. One year later they adopted his brothers. Logan was 2 and Noah was 1 at the time of the adoption, and they did it on National Adoption Day, AKA November 23rd.

Initially, KC and Lena were only going to adopt Joey and Noah. When they first met the babies, Noah was 6 weeks old and they immediately agreed to adopt him. Logan was a little older but he was living with a foster family and was going to be adopted by another family. That fell through, and the Curries also agreed to bring him into their family.

It was important to the two women that the boys all stay together. Experts in the field agree.

“It was our gut feeling….We were going to end up saying yes because keeping the brothers together was really important to us. When they’re older and have questions, they’ll have each other to lean on and experience that rides together.”

And Veronica Listerlund, who is the director of the adoption at Children’s Friend concurs that this move is great for the children and that she is confident the kids are in good hands:

“It’s what you want to see happen…They’re a wonderful family. They’re flexible — they really understand the kids’ needs, the importance of maintaining sibling relationships, and the long-term impact of that.”

With all three boys in the family, now it’s time for some adorableness.

KC and Lena each get special names for themselves. KC is called Mama and Lena is called Mommy by the boys. But sometimes, they like to play around. Lena shares this adorable detail:

“A lot of times Joey says, ‘Hey, Mommy-Mama’ — he’ll settle for either one”

Another adorable detail? At the adoption ceremony, the little boys were given toy gavels to bang along with the judge.

The family is looking forward to making new memories and watching the three boys grow together.

The holidays are always a great reason to make memories. With each passing season and each new school year. There are plenty of opportunities for photo ops and special moments. KC told Good Morning America that now that the adoptions are all squared away and the boys are settled in their house:

“Now we can start dreaming about grade school, sports, and all those fun things.”

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