The girl had a severe type of meningitis, the doctors told her. The child’s kidneys soon failed, and she was kept artificially alive while in a coma.

The young girl was only kept alive by machines, thus her odds of survival were minimal. The girl’s mother, Jennifer, made the decision to give her organs to other children who needed them for survival.

Jennifer then got ready to wish her angel farewell. She held her daughter in her arms, kissed her on the forehead, caressed her hair, and wondered how she would manage to live a life without her.

“I tried to tell her how much I loved her, I hoped she could hear and understand me. I talked to her as if nothing had happened, but I felt overwhelmed. It was unreal. I began to feel her warmth, I saw her blush on her cheeks. She looked like a sleeping child. ”

“I told her I’m proud of her, she fought so hard and now she can rest in peace and I lay down next to her. The doctors told me that she would die that morning and that they would turn off the device because she would never recover. So I tried to make myself believe that she had already died and that there was only her body, but it didn’t work. “

“Suddenly they disconnected everything and Alice was lying on her bed. They gave her morphine and then left her and me and her father alone. So I approached her and kissed her. I could feel the warmth of her body and I couldn’t imagine she was about to die. “ she said.

Jennifer had a gut instinct that her little daughter wouldn’t pass away. However, what followed is truly miraculous—Alice survived.

She started to breathe on her own when the machine that had been keeping her alive stopped. Her mother and father couldn’t believe their daughter was still alive.

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