Who said a 280-pound bear can’t have a personality? Well, one furry friend currently making the rounds online certainly does.

The bear lives in the Olympic Game Farm in Washington, where hundreds of animals live in large areas. Exactly how he ended up at the farm is unclear — he may have been rescued from a zoo and could not be sent back into the wild. But at least, here he is free to live as he wills. From time to time, people visit the farm to see the majestic animals.

Such as the woman in this story. When she saw the bear, she decided to wave. His response? Absolutely wonderful.

Photo: YouTube

Visitors go to the farm to learn more about wildlife and see animals they may otherwise not be able to see in their natural environment.

One such visitor sat in her car one day and casually waved at the bear — at which point he returns her greeting, incredibly waving back!

Watch their magical encounter in the video below.

It’s a very short video clip, but I can watch it over and over again!

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