After his father died, this man could not give his mother the care and attention she deserved. He was sad, so he sent her to a nursing home where she could get the help she needed for her daily needs.

However, it was evident that his mother was unhappy living there, and while he knew he should have visited her more frequently, life had gotten busier than usual, making it challenging to find the time.

He raced to her side as soon as he learned that his mother’s health had deteriorated. He discovered her at a nursing facility, lying motionless on her bed.

When he inquired if there was anything he could do for her, she looked him in the eyes and said she had some requests for him.

He quickly assured her he would do everything he could to fulfill them and grant her last desires.

The mother’s request for new fans and a refrigerator resulted from declining health.

She spent several sleepless nights due to the lack of sufficient ventilation from the outdated fans, which caused her to suffocate, and a lack of food because the refrigerator contained expired items.

Her son was surprised since he had not expected his mother to be so close to death.

She then looked him in the eyes and said that when his children no longer wanted him around, he should ensure they provided better circumstances than he did because what you offer is what you get.

When the son heard those words, his heart was broken beyond repair. He realized he had forgotten his mother by taking her to the nursing home without her permission.

Our job as children is to guarantee that our elderly parents can enjoy their golden years in peace and comfort.

Share this story with your family and friends as a reminder of how deep and unconditional a mother’s love for her children is. Please encourage them to do the same!

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