His little “mud hut” is more like a livable work of art. Every detail is beautiful. 🛖😍
If you’re anything like most of us, you know the feeling of being drained both physically and financially.

It’s like you are working so hard only to calculate your monthly dues and realize that it’s not enough. The bills never stop.

Of course, that leads us all to wonder about the same thing.

How would it feel to be debt-free?

This man can tell you.

Cooper Green, the owner of the YouTube channel Natural Buildings, visited Sage Stoneman on May 05, 2023.

Green was so excited to feature Stoneman because he has been living debt-free and his story will inspire anyone who listens to him.

You see, Stoneman lives in a simple but beautiful cob house.

Stoneman said that the main reason he built his cob house was for his overall wellness.

He always had a dream of having a home that is not just close to nature, but also a reflection of it.ADVERTISEMENT

For Stoneman, humans, like other animals should know how to live and cultivate the resources that we have.

And our resources are abundant.

You just have to know what you are looking for. We’re all capable of creating our own habitat from what is readily available.

By doing so, we limit what we spend and we become more in tune with the nature around us.

Stoneman is proud of his cob house.

He built it using the earth nearby.


It’s basically clay with water and straw.

And that’s it. The woods that he used came from two sources. He used some eucalyptus and some reclaimed wood.

While building his cob home, he felt so connected with nature.

He loved how cob is a free-form material and he could mold it to whatever shape he liked, thus giving him unlimited expression.

There is also secondhand glass that he used for his ceiling and windows.

To waterproof his house, he used an old billboard tarp.

His home doesn’t have any doors.

There are two reasons for this.

One, no door would fit the shape of the entrance, and second is that he wanted to feel connected with nature and just used a thick cloth instead.

This way, he doesn’t feel suffocated inside his home. Just above his loft bed is a big glass window.

He’ll lie down and enjoy the sight of the sky and the stars. When the natural lights come in, it’s really beautiful.

His ceiling is of woven Arundo that he harvested nearby.

Underneath the loft is his small personal space.

This is where he writes, enjoys the heat of the fireplace, plays his drums and guitars, and underneath a bench is a hidden bathtub.

For Stoneman, this is his “space”.

It’s the area he’s set aside for his priorities and creativity.

According to him, his home is perfect for him because he has everything he needs.

Stoneman shared some wisdom.

Small natural homes like his are a great solution to homelessness.

For Stoneman, everyone deserves to feel at home – somewhere.

If it’s only possible for each one of us to have a small piece of land where we can create a house like this and utilize a piece of land for vegetables and fruits, then can you imagine how this could change everything?

See Stoneman’s beautiful, handmade mud hut in its full glory in the video below!

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