Wanda has been homeless for nearly 16 years. He sought to persuade others that the government owed him $100,000 every day. Walking the streets with three suitcases full of documents and unpaid checks, everyone thought she was insane.

Witter was a mother of four children and worked as a locksmith. She spent years demonstrating on the streets of Washington that the social security system was failing her.

“They thought I was insane for getting rid of my baggage. I used to tell myself that if I did something dumb, they would think I was insane “explained the lady.

Julie Turner, a 56-year-old social worker, listened to Witter one day and discovered she was correct.

Turner double-checked Wanda’s paperwork and found that everything was in order.

“She needed money assistance, not mental health assistance. He owed the state $100,000 “Turner remarked.

But how did the wife recognize there was a problem?

Every month, Witter began receiving checks ranging in value from $300 to $900. When Witter called to inquire about the differences, Social Security was unable to respond.

The woman chose not to cash the checks because she thought there was something wrong with them, so she returned them. “Who would have believed me if I had collected them and claimed that a mistake had been made?”

Witter told local reporters that she is still doubtful, but that if she receives the correct check, she will believe that the matter will be resolved.

Julie Turner, a social worker, assisted Witter in finding a $ 500 flat.

Witter received his first Social Security check, valued at $1,644, a week after the story was published in the press.

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