They had a 3,000 sq foot house full of “things” but it couldn’t compare to the home they have now.

Meet Bonny and Ty.

The couple decided one day to live in a simple yet comfortable tiny home. The couple has two kids, who now have their own family as well.

They have 7 grandkids currently.

If they would want to visit them, the son lives half a mile away while the daughter lives in Kentucky a 10-hour drive using the couple’s RV.

The tiny house is preowned and was built by Liberation Tiny Homes. It is situated at the Tiny Estate Village in Elizabethtown Pennsylvania.

They call their house “Journey”.

The house is overlooking a pond where the couple can relax and watch the wonderful view.

It was originally a rental unit and has been on Airbnb for about two years before they purchased it.

With only 28 feet by 8 and 1/2 feet area, Bonny and Ty could not be more satisfied with their decision.

Let’s take a look inside.

The overall look of the interior is that of a farm, it helped their selection as they love the farm-look vibe.

The Living area has two chairs for both to enjoy their free time inside.

Just beside the living space is their side table for dining. It is attached to the wall to save space, with a bench that can be tucked under the side table.

Ty also happens to be a woodworker.

So, he put his skills to use building certain things in the home, including the bench.

Across the side table is their small bar and office combo. Drinks at the top, and a printer at the bottom.

They’re both boaters.

This put them on the same page when it came to aesthetics and they got the idea to place shoe bins in the tiny house to serve as storage for their shoes.

Next up is the kitchen area on one side and the Storage area on the other. The storage area serves as their dresser and other stuff to fill them in.

It’s also part of the stairs going up to their bedroom loft.

The kitchen also has lots of storage space. Convenient for all their needs tucked up neatly. They have a gas burner and a compact air fryer if they need one.

The bathroom is situated at the end, with a sliding door which saves space. It has a toilet, a shower, and a small sink.

Last but not least is their sleeping loft, which is just above the kitchen and bathroom.

It’s a decent, queen-size bed with lights that can be remotely turned on and off for convenience. There are windows on both sides for a cross-flow.

It’s all so very charming.

They eventually got used to its size. As a 6-footer, Ty had a hard time adjusting to a low-ceiling loft.

But now, they’re enjoying the peace and tranquility of their tiny house.

All in all, the Tiny Estates give them the opportunity to live in a small space but still be comfortable with how they are living in it.

Take the full tour of Bonny and Ty’s beautiful tiny home in the video below!

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