Building a tiny home completely changed Luanne’s life in the best ways possible. Plus, the inside is simply gorgeous too!

When a homeowner named Luanne was ready to retire, she decided to make another life-changing move and downsize to a tiny house.

She’d been fascinated by tiny homes and knew it’d be a very “freeing” option!

It would allow her to live her golden years comfortably on social security, and not have to worry about a high mortgage or a lot of maintenance costs.

Luanne got a house from the Incredible Tiny Homes Community in Newport, Tennessee.

She built her tiny home called “The Nest” for $79,000, which is 10 feet wide by 28 feet long.

The retiree explained to Tiny House Giant Journey:

“People who live in this community pay $200 a month for their (lot) rent. We pay an extra $25 a month right now for water and then we pay our own electric, which is an amazing deal.”

Luanne loved Christmas, and she expressed that by decorating her home.

Fortunately, just because you live tiny doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy holiday decor.

The retiree doesn’t need to worry about storing decorations away after because every home in the lot was provided a shed which they could also design as they pleased.

You can already feel the holiday cheer from outside her house.

Now, let’s take a peek inside…

The colors fit perfectly with the season! She’s got a tiny tree at the side of her home, and she has set up a beautiful, red wooden chair in front. Her door has a wreath that she crafted.

The moment you get inside, you already feel the coziness of her home.

A big window across the door gives a sense of space rather than having a wall across it.

You can see her tree beside her fireplace with stockings at both ends.

There’s a couch big enough to fit four to five people, and Luanne said that with additional chairs, she could accommodate ten people in it.

The kitchen is no exception, and it has everything you need in a home.

The cupboards are big enough to fit pots and pans. However, Luanne preferred to use shelves for her plates, glasses, and cutlery.

This is also where she added holiday accents to feel the jolly season around her home.

Luanne has a cozy worktable to do all her crafts, arts, and stuff.

It doubles as her dining table, too. She loves having this creative space where she just lays out everything and starts working wonders with whatever craft she whips up.

And if you like birds, you’d love her idea of placing a birdfeeder by the window, so she watches them there.

And if you think storage was a problem, not in this house.

She bought this cabinet from Ikea, which has so much storage space and fits perfectly in her tiny home.

It has all the compartments she needs for her clothes, linen, and fabric she uses for her crafts.

Across it is the bathroom which looks roomy enough.

It’s not the typical bathroom design, but the layout is pretty much the same.

She has a washer-dryer on one side and a toilet on the other. Her shower space isn’t that bad, too!

You go to the loft and see her bedroom with all the Christmas accents.

It’s spacious enough to fit a queen-sized high-density foam and more. You can see a bookshelf which is the same one you’ll see in the living room.

It’s a genius way to provide cover and give a sense of privacy in her room. The height is also enough for Luanne to be able to sit up.

Moving to “The Nest” completely changed her life.

Luanne explained:

“I think the best part of tiny living is just how it simplifies your life. But also just the financial freedom that it gives. My house is paid for – it’s kind of incredible.”

Watch the full house tour of Luanne’s tiny home in the video below!

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