Benji, a dog at the animal shelter, had been adopted and returned 11 times for unknown reasons. Stacy, a trainee, decided to take Benji home and discovered the truth. When they returned to the shelter, everyone was eager to hear why Benji had been returned so many times.

Benji had been abandoned at the shelter when he was three weeks old, and his original family kept his siblings. Despite his adorable appearance, Benji faced challenges in finding a permanent home. Each time he was adopted, he returned after a few weeks with various excuses. The shelter couldn’t figure out the real reason behind it.

Stacy, determined to help Benji, took him home. Although initially distant, Benji started to warm up to Stacy and her family. They provided him with attention and love, hoping to break the cycle. However, Benji’s behavior with other animals became a problem, and he went missing after an incident with a cat.

After a frantic search, Benji was found and returned to the shelter. The shelter discovered that all of Benji’s previous owners had experienced similar issues with him being aggressive towards other animals. They had hidden the truth out of fear that Benji would be put down.

With this knowledge, the shelter worked on training Benji to overcome his fear and aggression toward other animals. Eventually, Benji was successfully rehabilitated and returned to Stacy and her family, who were thrilled to have him back. From then on, Benji found his forever home, surrounded by love and care.

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