Lisa Rinna might be known these days as a reality television star for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but she started as an actress best known for her role as Billie Reed on the NBC daytime soap opera Days of Our Lives.

She is now opening up about the set for her hit show, and she does not have kind things to say… Keep reading to learn more.

Lisa Rinna who recently celebrated her 60th birthday gave her two cents on the matter of Albert Alarr, Days of Our Lives director and co-executive producer being subject to an internal investigation for accusations of misconduct.

The actress wrote with a photo of Alarr on her Instagram story, “Karma is a b**ch,” and later added, “Well, this took a long time… the last time I went over there and did that week on Peacock I couldn’t believe the work environment.”


“It was disgusting, I was shocked. I let many people know, Albert included, and they didn’t do a thing until now, it seems,” Rinna claimed.

Rinna was a cast staple and began her role in the 90s and later reprised the role in the 2000s, she then appeared for a week in 2018, and most recently she reprised the role in 2021’s in the spinoff series, Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem.

The actress further explained herself on Threads, “I went back to play Billie in 2021 for Days of our Lives Beyond Salem. I was there for one week only. I was shocked by the Hostile environment that it had become, and I was afraid for the young actors who had to continue to work there.”

“I went to the producer I even spoke with Sony HR,” she claimed. “I wonder where the union is in this and how was this left unchecked?”


The alarm was subjected to investigation after layoffs in March which some claimed unfairly targeted female employees. As the investigation continued, more allegations came out of Alarr displaying inappropriate behavior, bullying, making crass and vulgar remarks, and even groping female crew members.

Alarm has allegedly admitted to some of the misconduct but not all of it, according to outlets. Corday Productions, which produces the long-running series released a statement to the outlet saying that they have asked “Sony Pictures Television, which distributes Days of our Lives, to conduct an impartial investigation into this matter.”


The statement further read, “After a two-month investigation, the independent investigator produced a report with its findings. Based on those findings, Corday Productions has taken a series of actions designed to ensure a safe and respectful work environment,” the statement did not elaborate on what those specific actions were.

This is such a disappointing turn of events. We hope everyone involved got the justice they deserved. Share this story with other fans of the soap opera Days Of Our Lives.

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