They outdid themselves, and couldn’t be more beautiful.

Joining any branch of the military often comes with dreams of being deployed in the field, experiencing all the action as portrayed in the movies.

But life in the military isn’t always pretty. If fighting isn’t your thing, then maybe join the band.

The United States Air Force Band.

Their website states that,

“United States Air Force bands consist of two premier bands, nine active-duty bands, five Air National Guard bands, and a deployed band in the Central Command area of Southwest Asia. Featuring our nation’s finest professional musicians, Air Force bands honor, inspire and connect with communities all over the world. We reach over six million listeners at over five thousand live and televised performances each year. Each band operates within their geographic area of responsibility representing America’s Airmen to a global audience.”

So watch and listen to them perform Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”.

The Singing Sergeants, one of six musical ensembles from The United States Air Force Band, is the official chorus of the United States Air Force.

They are 24 active-duty musicians who support ceremonial and diplomatic functions, and education outreach events, and perform concerts throughout Washington, D.C., and the United States.

And they sound fantastic!

Shiny uniforms and a capella are what strikes you about this rendition, but look beyond that and you realize that they can sing.

Written by Leonard Cohen in 1984, the song initially tanked until 1991 when Shrek came out and the song enjoyed a popular resurgence.

They say that Cohen took about five years to finish writing the song, but still reconfigured it numerous times for performances.

It’s a song that is open to all kinds of interpretations depending on the listener.

So what do you think it says in terms of the men and women who enlist and serve their country?

It’s a straightforward performance, with the singers taking part to showcase their vocal prowess.

And they do sound amazing.

“I have loved this song for so many years. You all outdid yourselves and I loved your version of it. Thank you for such a beautiful rendition of this beautiful song. But more importantly, THANK YOU for your service to our beautiful country.” says a viewer.

There are many ways that soldiers make their countrymen proud.

One quick search and you will find so many heartbreaking and heartwarming stories from these men and women who have sacrificed so much for family and country.

No one knows how many times these guys and girls have whispered or shouted “hallelujah” in service either.

So take a moment and enjoy this rendition executed perfectly, note for note.

The blending is unreal!

People normally think that sergeants just shout commands but those voices can do so much more.

And this incredible group is proof of that. What a lovely cover of a now beloved classic.

Hit play below and listen to this beautiful take on “Hallelujah”!

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