• George Wendt, also known as Norm from the hit series “Cheers,” had fans worried during a June 2023 interview.
  • People thought the actor looked “unrecognizable.”
  • But he’s had a long career in Hollywood and a marriage of 45 years with his wife, Bernadette Birkett.

George Wendt, who played the role of Norm on the famous show “Cheers,” had a reunion with some of his cast members to celebrate 30 years since the show’s premiere.

Wendt wore a blue blazer with a white button-up shirt; the men from the show looked dapper and dressed in their formal attire. The actors looked back at some of the best and funniest scenes, like one where everyone fought during a Thanksgiving dinner.

George Wendt in Los Angeles in 1987 | Source: Getty Images

Despite a few actors leaving at the peak of the show’s success, “Cheers” only got better with time and had cast actors who perfectly fit into the fluid relationship the crew already had.

However, since it had been over three decades since the show aired, most of the actors looked different, and fans were specifically worried about Wendt. In one of the photos the actors took after their reunion, fans of the show thought the actor looked “awful.”

"Cheers" cast photographed in circa 1985 | Source: Getty Images

People were concerned about Wendt and thought he needed to see a doctor. “Is George ok? He looks dead,” remarked another concerned user. Some thought that Wendt looked so different that he looked like a random extra among his cast.

George Wendt on the "Today Show" | Source: Youtube.com/Today

But some commenters argued that the actors looked good for their age, considering how long ago “Cheers” was on television. In another clip, Wendt and one of his cast members tapped into the ultimate nostalgic moment and visited the “Cheers” set.

Despite the changes in Wendt, users were happy to see the “Cheers” cast all together and get a look at the behind-the-scenes of the making of the iconic show. The series will forever be a piece of American television history for many fans.

Comments about George Wendt | Source: Facebook.com/ Cracked.com
Comments about George Wendt | Source: Facebook.com/ Cracked.com

Comments about George Wendt | Source: Facebook.com/ Cracked.com

Norm became the character that put Wendt on the map. He was known as a regular customer at the “Cheers” bar with a tab running for years. Norm usually enjoyed a beverage with his friend Cliff, and he was loved for his jokes.

Comments about George Wendt | Source: Facebook.com/ Cracked.com

Comments about George Wendt | Source: Facebook.com/ Cracked.com

Comments about George Wendt | Source: Facebook.com/ Cracked.com
Comments about George Wendt | Source: Facebook.com/ Cracked.com

Comments about George Wendt | Source: Facebook.com/ Cracked.com

“Cheers” earned the actor six Emmy nominations and opened more doors for him in Hollywood. The acting genes in his family travel far; Wendt’s nephew Jason Sudeikis, is the creator behind another beloved show, “Ted Lasso.”

George Wendt in Texas in 2023 | Source: Getty Images

George Wendt in Texas in 2023 | Source: Getty Images

But before becoming the well-known Norm, someone else had already recognized his comedic and acting talents: his wife, Bernadette Birkett.

George Wendt and Bernadette Birkett’s Love Story

Birkett and Wendt met in 1975 when they were both working tirelessly to make it as actors. The couple first encountered each other in Chicago at The Second City, famous for giving some of the best improv comedy.

The courting stage was not particularly easy because the working hours at The Second City were a complete 360 from a nine to five, so dating anyone who was part of the ensemble meant signing up for this challenging schedule.

However, between the chaos was flirting, a few long walks home with enjoyable conversations after a long day of work that brought the couple closer together.

George Wendt and Bernadette Birkett in New York in 1991 | Source: Getty Images

The actors married on Birkett’s birthday on July 8, 1978, two years after the meeting. Things took a while to take off for their careers, but in late 1979, the actress got cast for a pilot in Los Angeles.

Wendt had already been at The Second City for six years, which he said was the average most actors spent before finding breakthrough roles.

George Wendt and Bernadette Birkett  with their kids in California in 1993 | Source: Getty Images

Therefore, the “Cheers” star saw his wife’s move as an opportunity for them to move to Los Angeles and pursue their dreams, and a few weeks later, they were both shooting pilots.

Wendt was recognized for his role as Norm, which was just the tip of his diversity. He went on to be part of many more films and TV shows like “House,” “Man of the House,” “Forever Young,” and more.

On the other hand, his wife also worked her way up the ladder and appeared in iconic films like “St. Elmo’s Fire” and on TV shows like “It’s Garry Shandling’s Show.”

George Wendt as a Doting Father of Three

From the beginning of their relationship, Birkett was vocal about wanting kids and getting married. She loved everything about her husband, especially his funny side and how she was warmly welcomed into his family. “He was attractive, funny, calm, and sweet,” the actress gushed.

Birkett had two children from a previous marriage that started as a fling while she was in college. She and Michael were just hanging out, but their first sexual encounter ended with the actress becoming pregnant.

She did not know what to do, nor did the father of her unborn child. Birkett’s parents realized their daughter was not fine and took her to see a psychiatrist. In no time, the actress was admitted to the hospital for depression.

While she was in the hospital, Michael snuck her a reassuring note saying, “I love you, and I’ll stick by you.” Eventually, she was released from the hospital and went home to tell her parents she was moving out without mentioning her pregnancy.

Michael’s parents knew and helped the two find an apartment, and they quickly got married. In 1968, the actress welcomed her son Josh and told her parents the news via telegram.

Her father asked if she needed anything but never asked to see her newborn baby. Before the father and daughter could make up, her father died in a boating accident.

Birkett and Michael welcomed their second child Andrew in 1970, but their marriage was not working, so they filed for divorce in 1973.

After moving to Los Angeles in 1980, Birkett and Wendt struggled a bit with their careers, but eventually, things took off, and they built a beautiful family together.

One of the things the actress loved about Wendt was how amazing he was with her two children. Their life with Andrew and Josh used to consist of watching foreign movies and going to restaurants and concerts. Then the couple would go on their weekly date nights on Mondays.

Eventually, life changed for Wendt and Birkett who became parents to three more children—Hilary, Joe, and Danny, who is a spitting image of his father. Most impressively, through Hollywood’s ups and downs, the couple sustained a healthy marriage of over four decades.

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