Having your own home office or a simple space where you can do the things you love could mean a lot, especially for artists.

For Tina Quintana, her tiny home, which she calls, “The Dogstar” is her sanctuary.

It’s where she could concentrate and create art.

“If I could not create art, I don’t think I could exist,” Tina says.

She has been teaching textiles for over 26 years and practical arts for 3 years.

According to her, she would only work with natural materials.

This is why she grows her materials in her beautiful garden and makes dyes, wet felting and so much more.

Tina loves the thought of having a tiny house, but she couldn’t decide to move into one entirely since she had been taking care of her mother.

She lives in a spacious house in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, with her husband and daughter.

However, since she loves the thought of a tiny house of her own, she purchased her tiny home shell from Liberation Tiny Homes.

She and her husband finished the beautiful tiny home that is 18 and 1/2 by 18.

Tina named it Dogstar because it reminds her of her family, who also look at the same stars while traveling.

As of now, it’s parked in the backyard of her main house.

If you’re wondering if she has gotten the chance to use it as a tiny home while traveling, she did.

A few years back, she applied for a teaching job up north that would require her to drive for two and a half hours.

She asked if they could provide her with a place where she could park, and they did.

Tina stayed in her colleagues’ backyard while teaching for two and a half years.

She would go home on weekends.

Tina’s Dogstar tiny home is the perfect home for her.

Once you enter her home, you’ll love how spacious her living room is.

She has a love seat that folds out to a twin-size bed so she could choose to sleep there if she wanted.

Tina has lots of storage in her home because she wants to put as many art materials as she can.

She also has two Envi heaters, just in case it gets cold.

You would also notice her storage loft where she puts her art materials and stocks.

On the left side of her home is her built-in bookcase and storage.

As you move along the hallway, you’ll notice that her stairs double as cabinets, while across the stairs is a good-sized closet.

Then, you could see her small refrigerator and her L-shaped kitchen.

She has a toaster oven, a good-size counter space, a cooktop burner, and a kettle too.

Tina also has two open floor storage where she puts her cups, bowls, and plates.

Of course, she has cabinets too, and she loves them!

She gave a tour of her cute tiny bathroom, where she has a full shower with pebble floors and then, there was the sink with drawers and nature’s head, composting toilet.

As you climb the stairs, you’ll be greeted with her cozy bedroom.

She has dark curtains, dream catchers, and even side tables.

Of course, she also has containers for her books.

According to Tina, her tiny home has given her so much joy, and she wants to inspire other people to consider this decision too.

Watch the full tour of Tina’s Dogstar below.

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