In a small B&B in Dingle, Ireland, a woman with a melodic voice sings a beautiful melody.

Right beside the B&B is a small cow pasture with several cows.

As soon as they hear the woman sing, they run toward her and let her beautiful voice entertain them.

The cow pasture is separated from the road by a stone fence.

The cows line up to hear her sing.

Overjoyed at the sight of her “audience,” the woman belted out songs that they would most likely enjoy. She was right.

The cows were mesmerized.

They stood there and listened. Well, some of them tried to “sing along,” much to the amusement of the humans.

Even the cows from the pasture across ran to the gate to listen to his wonderful music.

All cows love music.

Or wait, scratch that. They love listening to soothing music. Studies show that they prefer to listen to any music that is under 100 beats per minute. It soothes them.

More than that the music just stresses them out. Because cows don’t talk like humans, we don’t know for sure what they’re thinking of when they listen to soothing music.

However, we can see them enjoying it, as seen when this woman started to sing.

Just like with humans, certain music has a calming effect on animals, including cows.

Did you know that, because of their keen sense of hearing, cows know how to distinguish between different sounds?

That’s how they know hearing music is different from hearing the everyday sounds around them.

Cows know music is “special”.

Because they’re also inquisitive animals, they will go to the source of the lovely music.

They have to check it out.

This is music therapy for cows. The soothing music calms the cows, especially if they’re in stressful situations. When they’re lonely, soothing music can also be helpful for them.

Cows physically benefit from music.

“…not only does it increase milk production, but it also boosts their reproductive ability, keeps them healthy, energetic, and happy. This is why music is considered to be the best thing for cows,” Animal Queries explained.

Cows won’t be able to tell us their favorite songs but based on their responses, they’re a fan of slow or classical music.

However, even slow music like this needs to be kept in check. Volume needs to be lowered. Even slow music at high volumes can be stressful for cows.

Keep the volume to a minimum.

They love it when people play or sing in person. That’s why the cows ran towards the woman in the video when she sang. They knew they were going to have a joyous time.

It’s quite evident when you hear the cows “singing along.”

Because the woman couldn’t disappoint her “audience,” she kept singing to keep them entertained.

How grateful these cows are!

See these cows clamor to get a front-row seat to their favorite songstress in the video below!

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