Elephant Faa Mai was born in Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park and has been reared by Le.

Faa Mai is extremely protective of her human mother, whom she adores. This video perfectly captures her devotion to Lea.

In the opening scene of this climax, Le is being questioned by a television crew, during which she elaborates on her traumatic experiences in the arena.


Faa Mai looks like she’s just chilling in the background with the rest of her herd, but that’s not the case at all! She is acting very suspiciously the whole time, protecting her mother from danger at the hands of strangers in black clothing.

After being patient for so long, Faa Mai finally gives up and decides to check up on Le. She breaks away from the group in order to interrupt Le’s interview and check on her health.

Then, in an expressive gesture, she wraps her arm around Le as she commands Le’s attention. What a hilarious goofball!

Le is well aware of Faa Mai’s obsessive behavior because the elephant “hates it” whenever Le shows concern for anyone other than herself. Then, like a good mother, Le whisks Faa Mai back to the shed, telling the team to halt the interview so she may tend to her enormous idd.

Watch the video below to see Faa Mai interrupt her caretaker’s interview in an obsessive bid for attention.

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