Lea Thompson took to Instagram this week to share some “devastating” news regarding her family.

“Both of my beloved exceptional big brothers have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s within a few months of each other,” the Back to the Future actress wrote.

It was a “devastating blow” to learn that not only one of her brothers had been diagnosed with an incurable disease, but both of her brothers had Parkinson’s disease.

Although the diagnosis took a bit hit on the family, Thompson, 62, remained positive.

“Because of the efforts of so many researchers funded through @realmikejfox @teamfoxmjff foundation, there are drugs and tools for an early diagnosis that has really really helped them.”

She also added that “ironically” her family had also recently won $50,000 on Family Feud for her former Back to the Future co-star Michael J. Fox’s Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

“Thanks to the work of so many scientists, philanthropists small donors, and my movie son, there is hope. Thank you, Marty.”

My heart breaks for Lea Thompson and her family. I can’t imagine not just one, but two family members receiving the same diagnosis months apart.

They’re all in my prayers.

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