How often do you see a boat that is fully renovated into a liveable house down the docks?

Well, you’re about to.

I personally don’t think it’s common, but boathouses do exist! Let’s venture into one of the boat houses located in

Why a floating home?

Pamela and her family were already living on a boat for more than 3 decades. And the current boat was their second home after the family grew bigger.

Pamela said they love living in the boathouse due to its serenity of being on the water and watching the beautiful surroundings.

The boat has had one very long journey.

Their boathouse origins can be traced back to 1926. It was originally used as a tug boat and named “Edward A. Young.”

In 1969, the boat first became a personal liveaboard for a family and was named “Crusader.”

Finally, in 1995, she was bought by Pamela and her husband Ulrich, who is a metal sculptor.

The boat got yet another makeover and finally has become the Zenia Sophia, est. 2010.

The tour is better than we could’ve imagined.

First off, Pamela showed us the lifeboat, though mostly it is used when they go out crabbing or just having a little stroll on the coastline.

Then we go to where most of the parties are gathered when they have people visit their boathouse.

The section is called “Aft Deck” which is a table in a shape of a semicircle and a long seat around the table.

Up next was their own bedroom. It has a small locker for their clothes, as well as a compact bathroom.

Almost all of the things done in the interior were built by Ulrich. From wood workings to other metal structures.

The Dining area is exquisitely placed next to the bedroom.

Pamela showed where they mostly dine and make their food.

The galley showcases most of the basic needs that a normal house would have.

They have a working propane stove and a small sink. Lots of storage for their spices and other cooking needs for easy access.

The kitchen/dining area is where they also have the wood stove that keeps them warm during winter.

Off to the wheelhouse.

This section has a wide curved window. The wheelhouse is also where their washer and dryer are located, conveniently tucked on the side.

Ulrich also added a captain’s chair.

In front of it is a Binacle or a large compass.

After the wheelhouse, we’re off to the top deck where you can see anything and everything. It is also a great place to hang out during nice weather, day or night.

The last stop is their bottom deck.

It was where their two daughters used to live, as well as their original bedroom.

Aside from that, this section was where they mostly used to hang out when their daughters were still living with them.

The video gathered more than 300 thousand views already since it was posted on July 8, 2023.

One user commented, “Wow, that is definitely a unique beautiful home! I love the history, and that they put it back to looking more like a tugboat!

I also love the artistic touches Oric added! Thanks for a great tour!”

Catch the full tour of this exceptionally unique boat house in the video below!

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